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Photographers of Livejournal

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A community to share photos, discuss projects and get advice for photographers of all levels.
Welcome to Photographers, a community for student photographers, amateur photographers, hobbyists and professionals to discuss ideas, share their work, receive critique, advice and inspiration. Photographers of all ages, levels of experience, genre and style can come together and share their passion for a truly unique and amazing medium of art.

Whether you wish to share your work, look at others' images, discuss your ideas or discuss photography's place in the art world this is the community for you.

Membership is open but posts will be moderated.


-No advertising for other communities, advertising in general is restricted. If you are wishing to sell pieces of your work it may be allowed depending on context.

-No foul language, nothing sexual. This is an open community for people of all ages.

-No spamming.

-Stay on topic.

-Do NOT steal other people's work. Anyone caught plagiarising work will be banned.

-To protect your work, posts containing images must be friends only.

-If your images contain nudes please put the image under a cut with a warning.

-No pornography, nudes as art is okay, anything indecent will lead to instant banning without warning.